By creating an account and using the Smack Tags service you agree to all terms and conditions laid out here in this document. You must be 13 year old or older to use Smack Tags and register an account. Smack Tags is owned and operated by Hammerseed, Inc. You can review our Privacy Policy that details out data usage of our product.

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You must follow all of our terms and conditions. We could disable your account if you do not follow these terms.

You must keep your account save and secure by creating a secure password and securing your devices to prevent unauthorized logins to our service and your account.

The Smack Tags service includes both our vinyl stickers or labels that connect users to unique URLs that they can claim as a place to store text, images and videos. All content applied to any of these unique URLs are viewable by anyone that scans the QR code or pulls up the URL that is associated with a Smack Tag that could be anywhere.

You must create an account when using the Smack Tags service. This would consist of your name, email, password and any other information you decide to provide. We also make use of third parties for account creation such as Facebook or Google. You are full responsible for all activity and content on your account. If you suspect abuse or account security being breached please contact

You must use our services for acceptable purposes only. You cannot use our services to violate intellectual property rights, harass, put forth hateful speech, racially and ethnically offensive or illegal content.

Please be aware that when you add any content on the Smack Tags service that all content is publicly available and can be accessed by scanning a QR code or by accessing the URL of your unique tag, no matter where that URL might be published. Smack Tags cannot control where that unique URL might be posted online. Our service does not restrict anyone from accessing content. Smack Tags is not responsible for any public display or misuse of your User Content. You use the service at your own risk. Though Smack Tags strives to enforce these Terms of Use, you may be exposed to User Content that is inaccurate or objectionable. Smack Tags reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor the materials posted in the public areas of the service or to limit or deny a user’s access to the Service. We are not responsible for exposure to objectionable content. If you become aware of misuse of our Service please contact us at

We reserve the right to make changes to the Smack Tags service and how it works at anytime. We will make changes that might improve user experience or sustainability of our business over time. We might offer paid services in the future that would allow users to maintain their content for set time periods.

We may temporarily or permanently end service at any time without notice. Smack Tags is not liable to you or any third party for modification, suspension or discontinuation of our services at any time.

You may request deletion of your account and data at anytime by reaching out to

We are not obligated to monitor access or content that is being utilized in the Smack Tags service. We may consult with and disclose information to law enforcement when needed.

We reserve the right to remove access or delete accounts from our system at any time without notice at our sole discretion if we determine that any of your content is objectionable or in violation of our terms.

You agree to receive communications from Smack Tags  via the email address that you used when creating an account. We may also send SMS/text messages if we have that contact point in our data.

We reserve the right to delete your account if you are infringing on the rights of copyright holders.

You use our service at your own choosing. We are providing all services relating to our services “as is”. We are not responsible for data loss and cannot control the actions of our users. Smack Tags is not responsible for any damages, including loss of profits, lost data, computer damage or system failure arising out of the usage of our service.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Smack Tags and any and all employees, directors or contactors from any claims, suits, allegations or demands. By you accessing our site and use of our service, you waive your right to a trail, by jury or otherwise. All persons in a dispute will seek to resolve all disputes by meeting with Smack Tags leadership before finding an arbitrator in the state of North Carolina at the choosing of Smack Tags.

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