Effective Date: September 19, 2016

SmackTags values your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains more specifically what information SmackTags Corporation and its affiliated companies (together, “SmackTags” or “we” and sometimes “us”) collect about you and why, what we may do with that information and how we handle your Content.

What is the Scope of This Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the SmackTags Terms of Service and applies to the information obtained by us through your use of the Service.

Will This Privacy Policy Ever Change?

As SmackTags evolves, we may need to update this Policy to keep pace with changes in the Service, our business and laws applicable to us and you; we will, however, always maintain our commitment to respect your privacy. As long as you continue to use the Service, you are bound by the terms of the Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any changes to this Policy and do not wish your information to be subject to a revised Policy, you will need to close your account and/or stop using the Service.

For material changes that impact the collection, use, disclosure or retention of personal information, or for other changes where obtaining your prior consent may be required by applicable law, we will provide notice by sending you an email at the address we have on file for you prior to any changes.

  1. Information Collection and Use

What Information Does SmackTags Collect about Me and Why?

In order to set up an account, we will ask you to input a limited amount of personal information (like email address, name, mobile phone and date of birth), and we will also collect some information in the background (like device type, operating system, etc.) as part of our efforts to understand how you and others access and use the Service. And of course we store the Content you add to your account.

In general, we process your information and Content in ways that will help you get the most out of your use of your account, will help us improve our Service for you and everyone, and will enable us to tell you about aspects of the Service that we think will benefit you. In the chart below, we have listed the categories of non-Content information we collect and how we use that information.

If you register for or maintain an Smack Tags service account:

We collect

Why we collect it

Your username, email address, mobile phone and contact preferences

  • To create and support your Smack Tags service account.
  • To communicate with you.
  • To enable other users to collaborate with you.
  • To contact you about Smack Tags features, products, services and other promotions that can enhance your use of the Service in accordance with your communications preferences.
  • To verify your email address to help prevent spam, fraud and abuse.

Your name, image and other personal information, if you elect to share it

To show in your user profile.

The geographic area where you use your computing devices when you interact with the Service and the language you select

  • To localize your interaction with the Service and improve our understanding of how users interact with the Service.
  • To help you verify use of your account
  • To assist us in complying with legal restrictions that may limit the permissible use of the Service.

Your device identifiers

  • To inform our targeted advertising initiatives.
  • To allow you to redeem a promotional offer.
  • To provide account support.
  • To calculate anonymous, aggregate statistics on the number of unique devices using the Service.

Your telephone number

  • To help prevent spam, fraud, and abuse, and to aid in account recovery.
  • If you elect to otherwise share your telephone number or link it to your account, it may also be used:
    • To enable two-step verification on your account.
    • To enable other users to communicate with you through Collaboration Features.

Actions you perform when using the Service, including your use of certain service features, as well as the type of device and software you are using

  • To administer the Service and improve the features and usability of the Service.
  • To suggest to you Smack Tags features, products and services that can enhance your use of the Service.

Non-personally identifiable information indicating your association with one of our business partners or promotions (if applicable)

  • To determine the amount of revenue share payments to make to partners with whom we might have such arrangements and to provide anonymized aggregate reports.

Your payment information

  • To process your payment. (In most cases, Smack Tags uses third-party payment processors and therefore has only limited information about your payment transactions)

Additional information we collect in connection with Smack Tags Business accounts:

Organization name and name and email address of account creator

To create and support your Smack Tags Business account.

Billing information (i.e., address, email address and telephone number)

To communicate with the Billing Contact on the account and provide account support.

Email addresses of Smack Tags Business account Administrators and end users

To support the Smack Tags Business account and communicate with account Administrators and end users.

Employment-related personal information – if you elect to share it

To show in your Smack Tags Business account user profile

If you visit an Smack Tags website:

We collect

Why we collect it

Your email address (if you provide it)

  • To help you create a Smack Tags service account.
  • To communicate with you.

Tracking information

Please see the section on tracking below

When you access the Service via a Smack Tags Software application, that application will request access to certain information on your computing device. For more information on these application permissions.

What Tracking Information Does Smack Tags Collect about Me or My Devices?

Smack Tags uses cookies, tracking pixels and similar technologies on our Service to collect information that helps us provide our Service to you and to learn how our Service is used. We also use these technologies to help deliver promotional messages and ads for relevant Smack Tags products and services.

What is Smack Tags’s Approach to Information Collected from Children?

Smack Tags does not knowingly collect personal information from children without parental consent. If we learn that we have inadvertently obtained information in violation of applicable laws prohibiting collection of information from children without such consent, we will promptly delete it.

Will Smack Tags Contact Me?

From time to time, where it is in accordance with your communication preferences, we may contact you via email with information about product announcements, service offerings that we think may be beneficial to you, software updates and special offers. We also may contact you with information about products and services from our business partners. You may opt out of such communications at any time by following the opt-out instructions provided in emails.

You will continue to receive essential Service-related and account-related information, even if you unsubscribe from promotional emails.

We will also contact you through in-app notifications. You can turn off these notifications through your device settings.

In addition, if someone uses an email address, telephone number, social media profile, or other identifying information not associated with your Smack Tags service account to contact you through Smack Tag’s Collaboration Features, then Smack Tags will contact you on the sender’s behalf using the method chosen by the sender.

If you sign up for two-step verification on your Smack Tags service account, then depending on the verification method you choose, we may use a third-party provider to send a verification code via text message to the phone number you provide.

  1. Information Access and Disclosure

Does Smack Tags Share My Personal Information?

Outside of actions you take within the Service to communicate via Smack Tags’s sharing and tagging capabilities, or to authorize third-party applications, we only disclose your information – and then only the minimum information necessary – when:

  • We have your explicit consent to share the information.
  • We need to share your information with resellers of a Paid Service or product in order to ensure accuracy in the payment for such Paid Service or product, the management of your account and the delivery of your purchase and related support services.
  • We believe it is necessary to investigate potential violations of our Terms of Service, to enforce the Terms of Service, or where we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud or potential threats against persons, property or the systems on which we operate the Service.
  • We determine that the access, preservation or disclosure of information is required or permitted by law to protect the rights, property or personal safety of Smack Tags and users of the Service, or is required to comply with applicable laws, including compliance with warrants, court orders, subpoenas, legal process, or other lawful government requests (including in response to public authorities to meet national security or law enforcement requirements).
  • We do so in connection with the sale or reorganization of all or part of our business, as permitted by applicable law.

Some third parties’ embedded content or plugins on the Service, such as Facebook “Like” buttons, may allow their operators to learn that you have visited our website, and they may combine this information with other, identifiable information they have collected about your visits to other websites or online services.

As described on our Cookie Information page, we contract with third-party advertising networks in order to deliver relevant SmackTags advertisements to you across the Internet and to manage our communications with you.

In addition, we may share with partners or Service Providers an identifier derived from the personal information you have submitted to us (such as your email address, tag titles and descriptions) to serve you ads when you visit partners’ and providers’ websites, applications or platforms.

What Information Does Smack Tags Share When I Use Collaboration Features?

The Smack Tags service has a number of Collaboration Features, and when you use these features to collaborate with others, some of the personal information you provide to Smack Tags, including your status as a Smack Tags service user, may be visible to these other users:

  • If you or others share the contents of a Tag then anyone who has access to that Tag may see your user profile and information loaded to our system.

In addition, anyone who has access to a Tag will be able to see information about where and when the Tag was created.

What Gets Shared When I Use Third Party Apps with My Smack Tags Account?

Some third-party applications and services that work with our Service may ask for permission to access your Content or other information about your account. Those applications will provide you with notice and request your consent in order to obtain such access or information. Please consider your selection of such applications and services, and your permissions, carefully. We encourage you to review each party’s contract terms and privacy policy.

Do Smack Tags Employees Access or Review My Tags?

As a rule, Smack Tags employees do not monitor or view your personal information or Content stored in the Service, but we list below the limited circumstances in which our employees may need to access or review your personal information or account Content:

  • We believe our Terms of Service has been violated and confirmation is required or we otherwise have an obligation to review your account Content as described in our Terms of Service;
  • We need to do so in order for troubleshooting purposes;
  • Where necessary to protect the rights, property or personal safety of Smack Tags and its users (including to protect against potential spam, malware or other security concerns); or
  • In order to comply with our legal obligations, such as responding to warrants, court orders or other legal process. We vigilantly protect the privacy of your account Content and, whenever we determine it possible, we provide you with notice if we believe we are compelled to comply with a third party’s request for information about your account.


What does Smack Tags do with my Content?

Smack Tags also uses a number of technologies to help you get the most out of the Service. Our systems automatically analyze your data, including your account Content, in order to power Smack Tags features and to continually improve the Service for you. This may include, for example:

  • Making search work the way you want it to;
  • Showing you information most relevant to how you are using the Service at a specific time or location;
  • Detecting when it looks like you’re making a list and suggest features or tips that might be useful;
  • Showing you information relevant to a Tag you are creating or reviewing. The information we show you may include Tags from your own account.

We believe features like these will enhance your experience using the Service. In addition, we may suggest Smack Tags service features or products to you that we think will help you get the most out of our Service. We do not share your account Content with anyone for advertising purposes.

In addition, as part of our efforts to protect your account and the functionality of the Service, our automated systems may analyze the emails you send to and from your Smack Tags service account to detect spam, malware or other potential security concerns and may block delivery of such emails.

Does Smack Tags Ever Make Any of My Personal Information or Content Public?

Yes. The nature of our service is that it will allow other users or non-users to scan Tags and view the information applied to a certain Tag. Any information that you post in these locations can be read, collected and used by anyone and could enable others to send you unsolicited messages. Smack Tags allows you to post personal or otherwise sensitive information to publicly accessible areas of our site, so you should carefully consider how you use the Service. Smack Tags is not responsible for any publication or use of any Personal Information you choose to post in these locations.

III. Data Storage and Transfer

Where Is My Data Stored and Processed?

When you use Smack Tags on your computing device it will be stored on our servers that host our cloud based and/or dedicated server application. The content will be replicated on servers we and our Service Providers maintain in the United States.

This means that if you store information in or submit data to the Smack Tags website or Smack Tags Software you acknowledge your information, including Personal Information and Content, will be transmitted to, hosted and accessed in the United States.

Data privacy laws or regulations in your home country may differ from those in the United States; however, we will collect, store and use your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws, wherever it is processed.

How Can I Access or Correct Information Smack Tags Holds About Me?

If you wish to (i) access any Personal Information that we hold about you; (ii) request that we correct, amend or delete the Personal Information that we hold about you; or (iii) request that we not use or stop using your Personal Information for marketing purposes, you may contact us via a web form on smacktags.com. We will comply with such requests to the extent required by applicable law and subject to any limitations in our systems.

  1. Information Deletion

What Happens If I Want to Stop Using Smack Tags?

You can delete Tag content at any time, and you can stop using the Smack Tags service at any time. If you deactivate your account, the content in your account will not be deleted unless you purposely delete that information. If you delete information and material from a Tag it will no longer be accessible to you or others who may access the Service. The Smack Tags service’s back-up and archiving systems may retain residual copies of your deleted Content for up to one year due to the nature of those systems’ operations.

What Happens If Smack Tags Closes My Account?

If Smack Tags deactivates your Smack Tags service account due to a Terms of Service violation, then you may contact Smack Tags to request deletion of your data, and Smack Tags will evaluate such requests on a case by case basis, pursuant to our legal obligations.

Is my information on Smack Tags guaranteed to stay active and available always?

If Smack Tags ceases to do business all information on your tags could be lost. We are not responsible for content that may exist on certain tags in our system. By using this service you agree and understand that content of any tag you create could be lost at anytime because of various reason, such as but not limited to, application failure, or ceasing to do business.

  1. Contact Us

How Can I Contact Smack Tags?

Smack Tags welcomes your feedback regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have questions, please contact us by filling out the form on our website or sending an email to support@smacktags.com.