Legacy Tags


We all have objects around the home that carry a special place in our hearts. Things like antiques, family heirlooms or historical photos of your Great Grandparents. They all have an interesting story behind them. Usually this legacy or story is lost with the passage of time.

Legacy Tags provides a way for you to easily preserve those important stories in your family and pass them along for generations to come. Easily place a Legacy Tag on important items in your home, scan them with the Legacy Tags app and apply your story via text, photos or videos.

How does it work?


Peel and stick your tag directly to an important item in your home.


Use any QR code scan app on your smartphone or tablet – or download our Legacy Tags app!


Tell your story! Type in text and links or upload your photos and videos directly from your phone.


That’s it. Now you can preserve your family memories for decades to come.

Get your tags!
Legacy Tags (Pack of 20)

Legacy Tags (Pack of 20)


Legacy Tags (Pack of 20) It's hard to remember all the wonderful stories that your family passes on. With the passage of time or an unfortunate event, memories can be...

Download the app.

Download our mobile app today and get started using Legacy Tags. The free app allows you to easily scan your tags, apply information to them and keep a history of your past scans. You will also have easy access to get additional tags if needed. 

  • Easily Scan Tags
  • Quick Access To Get More Tags
  • Keep A Record Of Past Tags You Have Scanned